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Our commitment

The intention of achieving pregnancy in the simplest way, considering both, the economic and physiological aspects.

Mimicking nature:Institut Conceptum observes nature and tries to mimic it with us. When the technique is most similar to the natural process of reproduction, the better outcome we have. We are committed to research and to apply pioneer techniques that allow us to offer the highest pregnancy rate in assisted reproduction.

Assisted reproduction + natural Institut Conceptum has introduced a new technique of embryo culture with growth factors and citokines typically present in the reproductive tract of women that focuses on natural fertility, improves the results in vitro fertilization increases the rate of implementation embryonic reducing 44% of repeat abortions therefore favors the progression and viability of the embryo.

Select sperm + bonds: Institut Conceptumhas achievedthe first pregnancies in Catalonia using a new technique in fertility treatments, the selection by magnetic separation of sperm with fragmented DNA. This innovation represents a 114.3% increase in the rate of evolutionary pregnancies.

The best professionals: the closest attention Institut Conceptum offers a quality care, provides as much information as possible and we explain it properly. It is important the understanding of what is happening and what treatment you would apply. Without any doubt, this will give us better results. We want to treat you like you are: human beings with a specific problem that makes you unique. Institut Conceptumwon’t make you feel that you are a number or a case.

Our goal is your happiness: being parents. Institut Conceptum is a pioneer in the province of Tarragona, has 18 years of experience and the results in assisted reproduction techniques that we offer are excellent, above national and international average. In Institut Conceptum 9 out of 10 couples reach their goal.


Now you can decide when to have a child: Freezing oocytes is the only way for women to preserve their fertility. There are many young women who are at risk of losing their ovarian function for medical reasons (early menopause, chemotherapy and radiotherapy or that by personal circumstances, socio-economic or employment, they decide to postpone motherhood until later, when their ovaries should already aged). Sighted woman is worth two.

We Finance 100% of your treatment: Institut Conceptum offers the possibility to finance all their patients in the most simple, fast and convenient way the medical services tha we offer, both assisted reproduction techniques and surgery.

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Assisted Reproduction Techniques

·Artificial insemination
·In Vitro Fertilization
·intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
·Embryo culture with natural growth factors (new)
·Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
·Last generation of Sperm Separation (new)
·Assisted hatching
·Testicular Sperm microaspiration
·Growth into Blastocyst
·Embryo Vitrification
·Egg, sperm and embryo donation

Fertility Prevention Program

·Sperm Cryopreservation for medical reasons (oncological diseases, pre-vasectomy)
·Oocyte Vitrification and ovarian tissue:
For medical reasons (oncological diseases, early menopause)
For social reasons
·Personalized and specialized assistance with translation during the entire stay.

Institut Conceptum Reus
Passeig Sunyer, 49 43202 Reus
Telf. (+34)977 321511

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Institut Conceptum Tarragona
Rambla Nova, 78 43003
Telf. (+34)977 321511

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